Brie A. Edwards

Linking aquatic imperilment to environmental change


Graduate Students

JadeJade Dawson, MSc candidate (co-supervised with Dr. John Gunn)  

“The effects of restoration techniques on biological and trophic recovery in smelter-damaged lakes“. Examining temporal convergence of lake/stream delta conditions across recovery gradients and their influence on whole ecosystem restoration.



JasmineJasmine Louste-Fillion, MSc candidate (co-supervised with Dr. John Gunn) 

Vulnerability and resilience of lake trout populations and boreal lake ecosystems in the face of multiple stressors“. Exploring recovery trajectories and reference condition approaches for the assessment of lake-trout restoration in acid damaged lakes. 




KunaliKunali Gohil, MSc candidate (co-supervised with Dr. John Gunn) 

Zooplankton recovery trajectories in a warmer and browner world“. Investigating pelagic responses to concurrent effects of climate change and increasing dissolved organic carbon, in both reference and heavily acidified lake ecosystems.




Postdoctoral Fellows

undefinedDr. Michael Preston (co-supervised with Dr. John Gunn and Dr. Nathan Basiliko)

Exploring sulfate-reducing microbial community responses to acidification recovery gradients in lake water and sediments; implications for greenhouse gas production“. Uncovering how past acidification and the subsequent recovery of lakes has impacted the sulfur cycle and the decomposition of organic substances into greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide and methane.





Lab Alumni

Dr. F. Chris Jones (PhD. 2017)

Amanda Wittmann (MSc. 2017)