Brie A. Edwards

Linking aquatic imperilment to environmental change



I recently took up the position of Research Scientist at the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, responsible for Northern Lake and Stream Monitoring. I work with the incredible group of faculty and scientists that make up the Cooperative Freshwater Ecology Unit at the Vale Living with Lakes Centre, in Sudbury ON. My prior research experience includes a post-doctoral fellowship and research associate position with Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, following the completion of my PhD with the Don Jackson Lab and Dr. Keith Somers in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto.

Research Interests and Expertise

My overall research interests center on attempting to better understand the ecological implications of a changing environment. While I remain interested in this global problem on all levels, I have focused my work on the health of aquatic ecosystems. Inland freshwater systems are among the most widely and severely impacted by anthropogenic stressors. I have an extensive educational and experiential foundation in aquatic community ecology and aquatic sciences, including expert knowledge of theoretical and practical aspects of the monitoring and assessment of lakes and streams. The focus of my research program has been to evaluate the community ecology and environmental responses of aquatic biota and invertebrate bioindicators, in order to gain insight into recovery trajectories of impaired systems, as well as the current and future health of Ontario’s inland waters, which are increasingly facing a combinations of historical and emerging ecosystem stressors. I am interested in the development of innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to verify and complement existing methods for quantification and assessment of ecological and water quality responses to multiple local and regional stressors, as well as promoting their use for generating science-based evidence to support environmental legislation, regulations, policies and practices that are related to water quality assessment.

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